how to avoid burnout and 5 ways to reduce stress right now

Avoid Burnout & 5 Ways To Reduce Stress Right Now

What is burnout?

In the 1970’s psychologist Herbert Freudenberger first described burnout as a severe stress condition that leads to severe physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.

People experience burnout when they are exposed to high levels of stress for prolonged periods of time. Lets avoid burnout and use these 5 techniques to reduce stress right now. 

1. Exercise 

I know this sounds extremely basic, but any amount of exercise really helps. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, which help you feel less stressed. Even if you have just a few minutes it feels great to move your joints and get some stagnant energy flowing. In episode  34 of The Synchronicity Show with Lachlan Stuart, Kevin Wathey talked about how as he got busier with consulting he initially let his yoga practice and physical practice drop off. When he let it drop off, so did his sales. When he boosted his fitness regimen back up, his sales went up. The only thing that changed was how he was approaching the conversation from energetically. By leveling up, it was being perceived by others in a heightened way. 

2. Get organized 

When your house is a mess, your head is a mess. De clutter and get your to-do list organized. Prioritize what has to be done first. We use Asana to keep track of everything we have to get done. I have used the KonMari method to tidy up my home and have found it to be pretty powerful. 

3. Connect 

Reach out to a loved one. Connection right now is so important. Sharing your concerns & feelings with a friend can help alleviate stress. If you can connect with someone that will make you laugh, that’s even better!

4. Get enough quality sleep 

Your sleep won’t do anything for you if it is not quality sleep. How can you create the best sleep sanctuary? Some things that I do every night are: blue light blocking glasses before bed, blackout curtain on my windows, eye mask, and I turn my phone on airplane mode about an hour before bed so that my mind can begin to slow down. Slowing down your mind before bed is critical for falling asleep and getting a full 8-9 hours of sleep. Drinking chamomile tea and doing a 10 minute meditation before bed can help your body reach a state of relaxation. 

5. Make time for hobbies you enjoy

Imagine yourself in your most joy inducing child-like state. What are you doing? Now, do more of that activity. Make time in your schedule to do this weekly. For me, this is playing tennis. I have so much fun playing tennis and I have noticed that it helps me disconnect from every day stressors. Have fun connecting to this child like joy state and feel the stress melt away. 

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