6 Ways to Get the best night's sleep

6 Ways To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

The number of hours of sleep is not always the most important thing, especially when you aren’t getting good quality sleep. Quality sleep enhances health & wellness. In this article, I will be sharing 6 ways to get the best night’s sleep for optimal performance.

1. Create a sleep promoting environment. 

Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Install black out curtains on your windows if the light affects you at night or use an eye mask. Replace your white lights with red lights to reduce the amount of blue light in your bedroom. This is a great article that explains how red light bulbs work. Keep the temperature cool, some people really like Chili Sleep. Spend time cultivating your sanctuary. 

2. Establish a night-time routine

Disconnect from work a few hours before bed. Reading a book before bed is an excellent way to transition from wake to sleep. Avoid stressful cortisol inducing activities that cause the body to become more alert. 

3. Ditch the caffeine around 3pm

Depending on when you go to bed you may want to reduce caffeine intake earlier on in the day. Replace your afternoon caffeinated beverages with some herbal tea. My favorite teas before bed are chamomile and valerian root. 

4. Wear blue light blockers

I usually start wearing blue light blocking glasses around 7pm when the sun begins to set every night. Blue light glasses prevent blue light from digital screens from reaching your eyes, thus improving your sleep. Spending time in front of a blue light screen before bed can make the body feel more alert. Blue light can delay the release of melatonin, which is why blue light blockers can help people experiencing insomnia. 

5. Mouth tape

Sounds crazy. However, people that mouth breathe at night are more likely to have disrupted sleep and wake up feeling tired and low energy. Mouth tapes are great for keeping the mouth closed at night and forcing the body to breathe through the nose. They take a little time to get used to, but most people notice a tremendous difference in their sleep immediately and wish that they would’ve started using them sooner. They also help with snoring. 

6. Do a quick meditation before bed

This is a wonderful way to ease the body into rest and quiet the mind. Lately, I have been loving this 10 minute manifestation meditation. 


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