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How I Created My Podcast… and Booked 15 Interviews In 2 Hours!

In our ever-expanding and ever-changing world of social media business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for the next best thing… and I’m about to show you how I created my podcast… and booked 15 interviews in 2 hours!

I’ve always wanted to create content, but I never knew what medium I felt would be most beneficial and efficient. That is until I actually took a second to think about hosting a podcast.

Audio is growing in popularity, but it is still new enough that the chances your content gets drowned out are much slimmer than something like Instagram or YouTube.

As of 2018, there are close to 50 million YouTube channels, 440 million blogs, but just over 550,000 podcasts listed in Apple Podcasts. That means for every podcast there are 800 blogs and 90 YouTube channels. *Via Buzzsprout

One last thing I’d like to add is how many places you can actually publish your recorded content.

Check this out! Assuming you are recording interviews with Zoom…

You record a podcast via Zoom in which you use Zoom itself to record (remember to record a separate audio channel for each participant). Once the interview is completed you now have a recorded video as well as the audio, and once you upload it to your hosting platform (I chose Buzzsprout) you can opt to have them transcribe the audio for $0.25 USD per minute.

Now you have video, audio, AND written. With very minimal editing you can have a YouTube video uploaded, a podcast uploaded to Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google, etc. in minutes (Buzzsprout does this for you) AND you can submit impactful pieces of the transcription to publications in an effort to get featured.

You effectively just killed multiple birds with one stone and it took you no more than 30 minutes of editing, assuming you’ve templated your designs.

So how did I set up my podcast and book 15 interviews in 2 hours…


0:00-5:00 -I brainstormed what topics I wanted to talk about which resulted in my podcast name and description and settled on The Synchronicity Show.

*I own a health & wellness company so this was rather easy for me.

Image for post


(Coming Soon)

5:00–25:00 -I created a podcast cover photo from images I already had on my computer/website.

<- This is the result…

25:00–60:00 -I took stock video from and video I had from past retreats where I hired a videographer and plugged them into an Adobe Premiere intro template. I then chose a song from YouTube’s free audio library, and created a video intro as well as an outro.

Additionally, I wrote out a 50-word introduction and paid someone on $12 USD to record a voiceover from my audio intro.

*1 day turnaround time, but removed it from my to-do list.

60:00–75:00 -I called myself on Zoom (iMac to iPad) and recorded 2 minutes of the call while I was submitting the introduction to Fiverr. Once that was done I imported the video into Adobe Premiere, added my newly created video intro and outro, framed it how I wanted the videos I will be uploading to look, and saved it as (TSS Podcast — YouTube Template). I did the same thing for Instagram Posts and Story’s (for marketing) with their respective framing (1080×1080 & 1080×1920) by simply using copy and paste into a new sequence. *Now everything was templated.

75:00–80:00 -Next I googled Name and Image Likeness Waivers on Google, again using copy and paste to place it into a Google Doc. I used Cmd+F to find all of the locations where the template said (Company) and clicked replace all with my company name (Synchronicity Yoga LLC).

80:00–90:00 -I opened up my email, went to settings -> signatures, and drafted the email I’m going to send out to all of my booked interviewees to give them the podcast description and the next steps they need to take (sign the waiver, provide me a high-res photo,include a bio for their introduction, and any particular topics they’d like to discuss).

*Pro-Tip -I use email signatures for frequently used emails so I can simply paste that signature into the email and replace variables such as [date], [time], and [name]. This will save you a bunch of time.

**Pro-Pro-Tip –Paste your usual signature at the bottom of the newly created signature so it’s still in the email.

90:00–100:00 -I created a free account on Buzzsprout and uploaded all of the display content I just created (cover art, title, and description), and familiarized myself with their platform.

100:00–120:00 -I try to always maintain a list of Dream 100, that is 100 people across all platform I’d like to eventually connect with or partner with at some point and have them categorized by level of social influence.

Because my podcast is currently in it’s fledgling state I drafted a simple 2 paragraph introduction and ‘why’ statement regarding the reason I was reaching out (asking them to be guests on the podcast and talk about their journey to wellness), and sent it off to the first 25 people on my list.

Within 24 hours I had a ‘Yes’, ‘I’d love to’, or ‘I’m flattered’ from 15/25.

*Waiting to hear back from the other 10 as I write this.

Sure, they weren’t ‘completed’ within 2 hours, but all of the initial content leading up to this point was created and templated and I scheduled 3 of them for interviews this coming week.

It really is that simple, and the only thing holding you back from taking action are self imposed fears. Stop putting off for tomorrow what you can do today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into how I created my podcast… and booked 15 interviews in 2 hours, and will tune in once we go live (November 2020)… after I’ve recorded and uploaded 10 interviews, as I plan to release new content every Friday!

*EDIT – The Synchronicity Show is set to be released November 6th at 6 AM PST!

*EDIT – To listen to our latest episode, click here!

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