How To Put Yourself In A Peak State

How To Put Yourself In A Peak State

"Change your state, change your story."

- Tony Robbins

Last week, the Synchronicity team attended the Unleash The Power Within event hosted by Tony Robbins. Throughout the event we were constantly re evaluating our state and putting ourselves in to peak state. What does peak state even mean and how does it affect you daily? In this article, I will discuss the triad of creating any emotion and why it is helpful to change your state. 

The Triad: 3 Patterns That Create Any Emotion

1. Physiology

Your physiology is how you are holding your body. Do you have bad posture? Are you hunching over, crunching your lungs, and preventing the flow of oxygen into your body? Try moving your shoulders back, drinking a glass of water, put on some loud music and dance like crazy. Force yourself to smile and find something that makes you laugh. If you don’t know what music to put on, just go on Youtube and type in Happy Music. Another way to change your physiology is to get a mini trampoline and jump on it throughout the day. During the event we were constantly jumping around and this got the energy flowing. Changing your physiology is the fastest and most immediate way to change your state. Emotion is created by motion. Whatever you’re feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body. 

2. Focus

What are you focused on right now? Are you focused on getting out of your challenges or are you focused on your challenges? Are you focused on thriving or surviving? If your intention is to thrive, then you will have significantly different results then if your intention is to just thrive. Where focus goes, energy flows. Whatever you focus on you’re going to believe. Focus equals reality to the individual, even though it’s not reality in actuality. 

3. Language 

Pay attention to the words you repeat to yourself. Certain words can change the way you feel. When you repeat a phrase with enough emotional intensity, you start to believe it. Utilize this power and use the ones that support you the most. Become aware of the way that you speak to yourself daily, catch negative comments in the moment, and rephrase the way you speak to yourself so that you can completely change this pattern. 

The Triad: 3 Patterns That Create Any Emotion

Why is it helpful to change your state?

Changing into a peak state can help you make empowering decisions and allow you to step up as a leader. Your confidence will increase, which will make your decisions come from a place of certainty rather than fear. Practice being somebody who lives more consciously so that you can use these tools when you need them. When you get caught in a negative thought pattern, decide that you are going to change your state. Make the decision that life is too short to suffer. Give yourself 90 seconds to decide that life is too short to suffer and take a breath. When you question your thoughts, you break the pattern, which gets stronger like every other muscle that you work. 

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