How To Tell The Difference Between Intuition & Fear

How To Tell The Difference Between Intuition & Fear

"Intuition is seeing with the soul."

- Dean Koontz

When you are working towards your goals, fear arises. But, is it really fear or is it your intuition telling you to steer in a different direction? The two can be confused and this leads us to ultimately ignoring our intuition. Your intuition is one of the strongest business and life tools, yet a lot of people are using it wrong. In this article, I will show you how to be able to tell the difference between intuition and fear. 

Intuition VS Fear

One of the best ways to figure out if you are experiencing your intuition or fear is by the emotions that arise beneath the situation. If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, it is most likely fear. If you are feeling calm, it is most likely intuition. One may experience fear if they are reliving every worst case scenario in their mind, whereas intuition feels more like a slight feeling that something is off. 

One way to figure out if you are experiencing fear is to do this exercise: 

1. Find a quiet place to sit. 

2. Take a few deep breaths. 

3. Think of the feeling that you are experiencing and explore it. Ask yourself why it doesn’t feel right and what the potential worst case scenario could be. These feelings that you are experiencing are just like data and by questioning them you are decoding their data. 

So you did the above exercise and still feel unsure? Try to get quiet again, tune out all the noise, and tune into your inner knowing. What is that saying? What is the first message that you receive? 

Marie Forleo wrote an article for Tony Robbins on fear versus intuition and she also recommends getting quiet and asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I really want to do this?
  • Do I feel expansive or contracted when I imagine saying yes to this?
  • Does saying yes make me feel delight or dread?
  • Does this feel joyful and fun?
  • If I had $20 million sitting in the bank, would I still do this?
  • When I’m around this person (or organization or environment), do I feel more confident and capable, or do I compare myself and feel “less than”?
  • After I’m around this person, do I feel more energized or less energized?
  • Do I trust them?
  • Do I feel safe, understood, and respected?
  • Does saying yes to this make me feel expansive or contacted?
Pay close attention to the instant involuntary interior body reaction. Your body has the innate wisdom that goes far beyond logic. Tune into it. 

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Strengthen your intuition 

One way to strengthen your intuition is to literally work on building that muscle. Your intuition listens to you. The more you ignore it, the weaker it gets, and visa versa. Learn to build trust with yourself, so that you can build trust with your intuition. One way to build this trust is to release the trauma that you have of people telling you that your inner feelings were wrong. For example, if something really hurt your feelings as a child and the people around you brushed it off and told you that you were being dramatic, you internalized that trauma and lost trust with your internal feelings because you did not receive the external validation. Another great way to strengthen your intuition is to disconnect from technology and get quiet with yourself in nature. 

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