#54: Alessia Citro - Exiting The Corporate World & Building An Online Business

#54: Alessia Citro On Exiting The Corporate World & Building An Online Business

“We are wired to not do anything that will make someone have a bad opinion of us.”

- Alessia Citro

My guest today is Alessia Citro (@AlessiaCitro_), who is an entrepreneur and business coach. Brought to you by The Mindful Method.

Alessia Citro is the host of The Corporate Dropout Podcast, as show that empowers and equips its listeners – both energetically and tactically – to leave the corporate grind and live the lives they dream of.

She left a successful career in tech, most recently at Google, to become an entrepreneur, coach, podcaster and author. She is also a wife, mom and a top network marketing leader.

Please enjoy this episode with Alessia Citro!

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