Paige Yeaton - The Synchronicity Show Episode #31: Mental Health & Pioneering Cannabis Retreats

#31: Paige Yeaton ON Mental Health AND Pioneering Cannabis Retreats

"This year brought out the worst in me. So that I could work through things. So that I could be a better version of myself."

- Paige Yeaton
My guest today is Paige Yeaton who is a 500hr ERYT as well as the Owner/Founder of Up & Co, and The Cannabis Retreat companies. | Brought to you by The Mindful Method.

After struggling with disordered eating, prescription drug abuse, as well as anxiety & depression, Paige embarked on her own personal wellness journey through yoga. In 2012 Paige founded Up & Co and began to share the lessons she learned through her yoga teacher training to the public as a Yoga instructor for multifamily housing communities in Phoenix.  The intention was to take a different approach to elevate communities through movement, music, and food.

In 2016 Paige began to contract some of the classes she was teaching in Phoenix to instructors affiliated with Up & Co, and moved to Los Angeles to further her Yoga education, and has since taught at some of the most sought-after studios in Los Angeles.

In 2017, She moved back to Phoenix to be close to her family and focus on sharing her wellness knowledge with more people. In 2018 She founded The Cannabis Retreat after seeing a need to destigmatize a plant medicine that she herself had been using to heal her body after trauma caused by her past eating disorder as well as provide a safe space for those who may be looking to explore alternative medicines as well.

Today, Up & Co serves dozens of communities around the United States providing a multitude of wellness experiences for their residents. Paige is currently living in Tempe, AZ with her husband, 3 dogs, and they have a baby girl on the way, due July 2021.

Please enjoy this episode with Paige Yeaton😄

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