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Listen in as Kevin Wathey, Founder of Synchronicity and host of The Synchronicity Show podcast interviews the best-of-the-best in the world of health and wellness. 

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About The Synchronicity Show

The Synchronicity Show is a health and wellness podcast hosted by Synchronicity’s Founder, Kevin Wathey, and is dedicated to deconstruction the lives of influencers, instructors, and world-class performers to provide you with powerful information to help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Available anywhere podcasts are found, The Synchronicity Show is unlocking your true potential… crafted into a recipe for your ears!

Donny Starkins - The Synchronicity Show Episode #23 - Personal Development & The Power of Mindfulness

#23 – Donny Starkins on Personal Development & The Power of Mindfulness

“You’re not alone, and you can’t do it alone… ‘the story is that nobody understands that I’m alone, or nobody gets me,’ and that was my story, even if mine was all self-inflicted through addiction…

but the first step in creating any type of change is awareness. Use the acronym H.O.W. Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness

– Donny Starkins

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Donovan McGrath - The Synchronicity Show Episode #21 - Listening to Your Intuition & Amplifying Life

#21 – Donovan McGrath on Listening to Your Intuition and Amplifying Life

“You get so caught up in this tiny little point of observation, which is [their] little problems… and I do believe the practice of yoga allows you to expand the periphery. You connect to the infinite. You connect to the bigger picture, and there are ebbs and flows in that possibility… feeling that expanded connection to all that is, the yoga, the union… I think that makes life easier and happier.” – Donovan McGrath

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Sam Davis - The Synchronicity Show Episode #20 - Entrepreneurship and Intentional Expectations

#20 – Sam Davis on Entrepreneurship and Intentional Expectations

“If you don’t put a fence around you as a person… meaning time management with your life and balancing our your life, and relationships in your life… that ‘garden’ is going to be empty all of the time and you’re not going to be able to eat because you’ve given out all of your vegetables and fruit.” – Sam Davis

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