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The Synchronicity Show - Podcast

Listen in as Kevin Wathey, Founder of Synchronicity and host of The Synchronicity Show podcast interviews the best-of-the-best in the world of health and wellness. 

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About The Synchronicity Show

The Synchronicity Show is a health and wellness podcast hosted by Synchronicity’s Founder, Kevin Wathey, and is dedicated to deconstruction the lives of influencers, instructors, and world-class performers to provide you with powerful information to help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Available anywhere podcasts are found, The Synchronicity Show is unlocking your true potential… crafted into a recipe for your ears!

Debbie Popiel - The Synchronicity Show Episode #12 - Overcoming Adversity and Shifting Your Mindset

#12 – Debbie Popiel on Overcoming Adversity and Shifting Your Mindset

“Comfortable is a relative term. We think comfort means that it feels good. Comfort doesn’t always feel good, it’s just familiar… Marianne Williamson said we’re not afraid of our darkness, were afraid of the light, we’ re afraid of our power, and it’s like once you find the power… it’s like once you know, you can’t un-know.”​
– Debbie Popiel

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Danielle Butterly - The Synchronicity Show Episode #11 - Raising Your Vibration and Healing The Self

#11 – Danielle Butterly on Raising Your Vibration and Healing The Self

“Open up the idea that we are energy, and we are frequencies… it’s so true because we are more than the physical. We are energy, and vibration, and we’re learning to move this energy through our body to get to those higher states of being… that’s when your body can heal.”
– Danielle Butterly

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