Unleash The Power Within Recap

Unleash The Power Within Recap

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."

- Tony Robbins

Earlier this month, the Synchronicity team traveled to Palm Beach Florida for the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event and we all learned so much. We  had different intentions going into it and had many mind blowing breakthroughs throughout the 4 day experience. In this article, I will share 3 main takeaways from each of our team members that attended the event: Kevin, Anna, Anthony, and Kelsey. 

Kevin Wathey’s 3 Main Takeaways

1. You have so much fucking more to give. 

2. Change your physiology, focus, and verbiage. 

3. It’s not HOW… it’s WHO. 

Anna’s 3 Main Takeaways

1. The long term pain of not taking action is far greater than the present discomfort of taking action. 

2. Being in a peak state can drastically change any situation. If you have high energy, you will attract high energy people and make decisions from a better mindset. One of my new favorite ways of getting into a peak state is jumping on my trampoline every morning.

3. In order to scale any business you must become the business owner. Too many people are trying to do everything in their business and they take on more of a business manager role. I learned that I need to start outsourcing and trusting others in my business. 

Anthony’s 3 Main Takeaways

1. Be grateful for all you’ve been through in your life, you wouldn’t be where you are today if you didn’t go through all that you did. 

2. Everything starts in the mind. If we say we can’t do something we won’t be able to do it, if we say we can then we can fucking dominate anything we set our eyes on. 

3. If you want to feel fulfilled in all aspects in your life you gotta have momentum. Momentum = growth. Growth is uncomfortable, but that’s what makes it worth it, seeing the potential that we all have inside of us come out through moving forward. 

Kelsey’s 3 Main Takeaways:

1. The quality of your life is the quality of your questions. Ask the right questions and start to get the right answers and right direction.

2. Most of us are living at our 4 lower basic needs (certainty, uncertainty, significance, love + connection), BUT what we desire most are the 2 higher basic needs (growth and contribution). I have realized why I act the way I act and why I make the decisions I have. I have chosen to act from higher levels of basic needs moving forward. Love and connection are so important for me and make me feel more connected to growth and contribution. 

3.  As kids the way we are raised plays a huge role in the way we act in our romantic relationships. 

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Unleash The Power Within Recap

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