What is the principle of fair exchange?

What Is The Principle Of Fair Exchange?

"A man should make all he can, and give all he can."

- Nelson Rockefeller

This month the Synchronicity team is reading the book “How To Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven” by Dr. John F. Demartini. In the beginning of the book the principle of fair exchange is discussed. In this article, I will explore what the principle of fair exchange is and why it is important to honor it in business.

What is the Principle Of Fair Exchange?

Demartini defines the principle of fair exchange as paying a fair price for a fair service in a timely manner. 

Most people have a difficult time with this because they don’t understand what it means to exchange fairly in the first place. Some people give more than they receive. This is breaking the Law of Equilibrium, which maintains the balance of give and take energy. 

“Every time you try to step outside of this law and try to receive something for nothing, or try to give something for nothing, you oppose the very forces of nature and impede the growth of your self-worth.”

For example, if someone has been behind on payments to you or owes you money then you have probably felt resentment towards them. The greater the perceived debt, the greater your mental distraction becomes, and the less empowered you and the other person are in the relationship. 

When you balance your giving and receiving, magical things begin to happen. 

One way to check in daily is to ask yourself “How can I give others what they would love while simultaneously receiving what I would love?”

Apply the principle of fair exchange in business 

Pay yourself first. If you have your own business it would be a wise decision to start paying yourself first. The person who puts in the most hours and who will be there no matter what is the business owner. When you guarantee others salaries, but not your own, you will become less inspired and resentful of your own company. Try paying yourself first and see what happens. This one shift can increase revenue and create longer lasting and more loyal employees. 

Borrowing money. If you are in a situation in which someone offers to give you a large amount of money to borrow for starting a business, but asks for nothing in return, that is an unfair exchange. “Getting something for nothing is not a formula for financial fulfillment.” If you borrow the money, make it clear about exactly how you will pay them back and when you will so that it does not disempower the relationship. 


Affirmations for wisdom and power (stated directly from the book). These are best repeated morning and night. These can help you take your power back and set the boundaries necessary to create an equilibrium.

  • I give and receive equally, for I maintain fair exchange. 
  • I give what they love, and I receive what I love. 
  • I give something for something – what they love for what I love. 
  • I know that something for nothing or nothing for something is an illusion. 
  • I receive what my work is truly worth. 
  • I invest in inspiration, not desperation. 
  • The world is in perfect order, so I serve and am served. 

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